About our history

It all started back in 1997, when a family-run Sanremo-based business established in the 1980s was seamlessly replaced by a small cleaning company thanks to the commitment of Consortium Chairman Rodolfo Siccardi's proverbially hard-working mother. Of course, to achieve success, any pioneer needs to be supported by the willingness to grow and improve, aware that customers and their satisfaction make the main goal

.... always!!!

It is exactly thanks to such attitude that the Chairman, supported by the unflagging and essential collaboration of his wife Raffaella Ameri, has succeeded - according to Western Liguria's standards - in expanding Gruppo COAPI, catering for a varied and sizeable customer portfolio and managing a large staff.

In effect, all the actions the consortium carries out, together with the decisions it makes, are aimed at customer and staff satisfaction, ensuring that the latter, through training and professionalism, are always successful in providing accurate and safe solutions for solving any issue.

Such solutions are environment-friendly, and supported by machinery and products purchased from companies sharing the same green philosophy.


Our customers and staff make the major asset of our group, which has always worked complying with top quality and professional standards.